Saturday, September 25, 2010

I did it!


Holy Toledo....I can seriously and passionately talk my head off - at this moment I am at a loss for words!!!  I have no idea where to start???  

How is that possible??  LOL  Well the blog has begun.... the rest ^ with rest ^ with God ^ guiding me.....who knows????

Please meet the most AMAZING 3 year old on the planet EARTH!
My beautiful granddaughter Olivia Jade Wheeler!!!
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Note to self: 

* Jonah of 2010
* When God actually said YES!!!! 
* Explanation of Tassel Of Remembrance.
* The Watchman on the Wall.  My fav Prophet.
* The smile of the man who sang to me in Philly Patco Speedline.
* A glimpse of Glory through the smile of a 5 year old little girl. 
* The gentleness of submission though then gut-wrenching pain of a 3 year old.
* The appt. to close a loan that turned into a surprise appt. of divine providence!